Movies for TheSmartDonkey

So, it's a weeknight. You're home, tired, and will to do anything to avoid being a help to others, society, or even yourself. Let's face it, being a SmartDonkey takes a lot of effort sometimes. Well then, why not kick off those donkey hide boots and watch a flick or TV show you can relate to? It's in that spirit that we present a short list (hey man, we're lazy too) of shows starring SmartDonkeys!

The Blues Brothers- This flick tops the list. John Belushi's performance is perfect. His deadpan deliveries will never be seen again which is half appropriate and wholly saddening. (Sorry for the Yogi-esque logic but it fits.) Dan Akryoyd isn't quite as "smart" as Belushi and that's what make them work so well. Yes, this movie is a musical, which seems counter-intuitive to the SmartDonkey taste but it works! The Blues Brothers defies logic with it's bizarre storyline, semi-destestible characters, 100 car pile-ups, and oodles of quotable lines. This is a SmartDonkey 5 star recommendation folks!

- Bill Maher is best known for his television show Politically Incorrect. Maher is- ehem- fanatically dedicated to living the SmartDonkey Lifestyle. Maher mocks everyone and everything he confronts on his show; but apparently people and things were not enough for the man. Uh-huh, he decided it was time to take on faith..err, pardon me...Faith itself. This is a great two-hour escape from duty to home, family, or self; and if you watch this for no other reason than seeing how the governor of Arkansas answers his questions, then you'll be well served.

Rounders- Yup, I know. It's really a movie about playing cards, but it's got all the trappings of a SmartDonkey flick. Ed Norton is the Smart Donkey from start to finish. He plays the too clever, smart-mouth perfectly from start to finish. His character never develops toward maturity, which is perfect. Add in the notion that all the prime players are basically avoiding a real work life by paying their bills playing cards every night and BOOM you're one jealous fella ain't ya?

Fight Club- Hoo-boy it's going to seem like I'm a closet Ed Norton fan here..well...I'm stepping out of the closet. I've got a man-crush for Ed as an actor. (I'd also apply the same label to Matt Damon and Philip Seymour Hoffman if ya forced me too.) Ugh! My smartdonkey brain wanders. I don't want to give away the Fight Club surprise if for some weird reason you've not seen it but Ed Norton is a guy who is desperate to lead the SmartDonkey Lifestyle. His friendship with Tyler Durden is proof positive. The smart-alecky jokes come fast and furious in this film like well placed punch combinations. This film begs to be watched over and over to make sure you catch it all. "The first rule of Fight Club is..."

Caddy Shack- OK, this comes off as a cop-out and I apologize. We all know Caddy Shack. It may well have been the first movie that came to mind when you understood what we were listing here; and that only underscores it's placement here. Everyone is a SmartDonkey is this classic! Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and Ted Knight. Did I forget anyone? Oh right! The King! Rodney Dangerfield! 

Meatballs- If the name doesn't make you giggle, you're hopeless. Bill Murray delivers his third best comedic performance after Caddy Shack and Stripes in this movie. The 70's need to add a heart-warming charm to the movie tries to intrude on Murray but he's simply too strong in the ways of the SmartDonkey. When watching today, those 70's moment make for strong comedy on their own. Meatballs is better than you remember and absolutely a great time waster. 

48 Hours- This is another older film but Murphy and Nolte have great anti-chemistry. We also thought it'd be a good idea to put an action film on the list to break up all the comedies. We even liked Another 48  Hours. Pretty much the same biting wit from both and a grimer storyline. Heck, watch them back to back and call in sick to work the next day. You're a donkey man!

What Women Want- Actually, we're half-kidding with this one, but we wanted to have a little something for the Lady SmartDonkeys. (Hellllllooooo? The Smart Donkey gene needs a way to replicate doesn't it?) Just the same, the guys will enjoy the first half hour of the film as Mel Gibson is the penultimate chauvinist SmartDonkey. And then the idiot goes of an gets a heart.

Further Recommendations: Stripes, Fletch, Animal House, Bachelor Party, Best in Show, This is Spinal Tap, most Woody Allen Films, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Midnight Run, and Superbad.
Same deal as the column before except it's about TV shows. 

The Simpsons- Do I really need to describe a show that's been airing for over 20 years? I thought not.

House- House has it all if you're a SmartDonkey. There are people way better looking than us, clever mysteries for us to solve, sharp dialogue, homages to Sherlock Holmes, and Greg House. Hugh Laurie is brilliant as the wise-cracking Dr. House. His character is the reason to watch the show especially as it becomes more challenging for the producers to find ways to break from the get a case, do the differential, and solve it cookie cutter method. Greg House is the kid Mr. Spock and Roseanne would have if they bore a child. Well, if she did. He's highly intelligent, almost logical to a fault, and can deftly rip an ego or belief system apart with his use of words. If House were real, he'd be running this site alone and we'd have no problem with that at all. 

Roseanne- Well how could I mention Roseanne Arnold/Barr and not mention her TV show? Besides, again we're forgetting that there is a large female SmartDonkey crowd out there. (Please, let there be!) This was an underrated show in our collective opinions. At least, it was for the first 6 years. Roseanne played pretty much herself based on her stand up comedies and attempts at singing the national Anthem. She had a snide comment for everyone and in particular the people who couldn't get away from her because they were family.  John Goodman was a great choice to play her husband as he too understood how to deliver comedic moments and occasional SmartDonkey comments of his own. The fact that they let one of the kids grow up to be just like mom demonstrated how well the understood the dynamics of family and biology. Actually, this begs a question doesn't it? Are we born SmartDonkeys or are we taught to be SmartDonkeys? That's an article for another time. 

Mystery Theater 3000- We didn't all agree on this show, but it deserves to be here because the concept was one of those oh-man-why-didn't-I-think-of-that types. Don't we all mock movies that lose their way or are simply so poor as to beg for it? Mocking a terrible movie is what makes living through it bearable for the SmartDonkey type and Mystery Theater 3000 does this to a T. We watch three "friends" watch horrible movies from the 40s, 50s and 60s as they comment on everything that happens. It shouldn't work as a TV show but does! Actually, this show is a great barometer for knowing who you can really strike up a friendship with and whom you'd be best to politely avoid. Those that get it get you. Get it?

Alf- Another one we went round and round over here in the SmartDonkey Bullpen. Alf was rated as either positively unbearable or tremendously misunderstood by the raters here. This is an older, short-lived show that had a alien puppet as it's main character. (Yes, we know. There were puppets in Mystery Theater 3000 too. Don't look for logic.) Alf makes the list because you can watch it with children for the most part and, in fact, Alf fits the Smart Donkey description on many levels. His adoption by the Tanner family after he crashes on Earth doesn't stop him from driving them nuts with his acts and comments. A classic show? Heck no, but something you may not have scene before. The SmartDonkey staff recognizes that even in the SmartDonkey way there is a continuum of weirdness from mild to sublime. Maybe this becomes a classic for weirdie. 

Married With Children- Punches were thrown over this one. The last one standing was allowed to post it here with the caveat that we all agree the show was pandering to the lowest common denominator in Mankind. The idea is to watch clever SmartDonkey TV, not base SmartDonkey TV. Sigh, anyway, Al Bundy was a part of American culture for a time with his hard remarks to his wife, family, and neighbors. All gave as good as they got, which is we guess the appeal. 

Further recommendations
: The Ali G show, Jackass, The Tick, Titus, Becker, Punky Brewster (Just kidding!), The Bob Newhart Show, Sanford & Son (Yes, we're old.), The Jeffersons (We're not getting any younger), Archie Bunker, Good Times.