Animals to Replace the Groundhog

The Cuddly Squirrel

Who doesn't love a squirrel? These little rats win our hearts with their flowing, fluffy tails and darting looks. They're like little kids on amphetamines. (Or, at least what we presume kids would act like on them.)

Here's the rationale for replacing the traditional, BORING, groundhog with a squirrel.

When the squirrel is pulled screeching and hissing from its tree hole the mayor of a town can watch closely to see if the little fuzz-ball spots its nuts. If it sees them, then it's 6 more weeks of cold, winter. If the squirrel doesn't spot its nuts, Spring is around the corner friends. 


If the SmartDonkey site had to pick a bird to be its mascot, you know we'd be all over the woodpecker. This bird has driven people to madness over the centuries with its head pecking ways, destroying anything made of wood. And, who can read or hear the name woodpecker and NOT think of Woody Woodpecker, the cartoon kingdom's biggest SmartDonkey animal?

It's time to predict the coming of Spring in your town. The mayor pulls the blanket off of a steel birdcage revealing the great prognosticating woodpecker! The mayor, and audience of thousands we presume, lean in closely to watch if the bird will find its pecker. If it does, then it's six more weeks of winter; and if not, spring is coming soon!