GhengisCONN Rules

Hi, I had originally planned to create a list of rules for living like a SmartDonkey but Landon beat me to it. Grrr! Instead, I've decided to keep the ego-boosting title page name and just throw everything I create here. No more fanfare folks. Here's what I have to offer-

Who's Your Daddy? Few know this but Ghengis Kahn is believed to have directly fathered hundreds of children. His descendants number in the million today.  Yes, millions! There is apparently a DNA test you can take which will locate if you share a specific genetic marker with Ghengis himself. Interesting indeed, but not the focus of the Who's your Daddy quiz. Instead, you need to consider three options. 

Santa Claus
Your biological father

Only one can be your daddy and this quiz will ferret the truth out of you. Click below and be sure to leave a comment you ungrateful rube. -GhengisCONN

March 2009: I've been getting some nice feedback on this quiz and a few others I've made. If you're willing to make the trip (click on a link or two) you can take a few more. The new quizzes are a subpage with this one. Drop me note in the comments portion of the quiz or email me here-
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