Our Mission Statement

We've managed to pull the Smart Donkey Bullpen of writers together to form- what we believe- is the first ever SmartDonkey Mission Statement.

We recognize first and foremost that Smart Donkeys are a clever minority. We're a people capable of great things; and our mission statement would entail a plan for complete and utter world domination were it not for a few small matters: We dislike organizations and organizing things in general. We'd rather mock a world plan (even if it's our own) than implement it. We bear a strong distrust of any voice with an origin outside of our skulls. Finally, we're lazy, really lazy. SmartDonkeys are essentially felis catus. We expend energy with focus but rarely and we expect those within out proximity to provide for us. We also struggle to play nice. Oh, did we mention we also digress? We're BIG on digressions. So, after much circular logic, mumbled quips about one another, and failed attempts to get others to write for us, we pulled together long enough to write the following: 

We pledge to take very little seriously. Life is so short (and so is your attention span if you've not made it this far with the reading.) We believe that people are essentially idiots. We hold this to be true and do not fool ourselves into believing we're any different. At least we come armed with fine sense of skepticism and logic. We agree to avail ourselves to the daily task of pointing out the moronic tendencies of those around us as they unfold. We'd welcome the same level of revelation from others if we cared enough to listen. We do value those individuals who can with forethought irk others.  It is a self-evident truth to the Smart Donkey that such individuals are at least several rungs up from a chimp. Let's say two shall we? We believe that no day shall pass without some laughter...at someone else's expense, a song... preferably based on dirty limericks, and a dance...after downing enough drink to make recall of the event imprecise at best. In short, our mission is of no value to anyone in anyway, shape, or form; but it's a hellava lot of fun trying to complete it. ;)