The SmartDonkey Quiz

Oh what an Age we live in! We can finally quantify just how much of a smartdonkey you may be. The SmartDonkey team put their heads together on this one. Even so, it's not half bad; or so, the feeling is from one guy who was first to take and provide feedback. He said- and we quote- "eh." There you go. Not half had. We'll take it.

The questions is: Will you take the quiz? Come on! You've already wasted time stopping at the site. Think of what you'll learn in the next 10 minutes. Actually forget the wasted thoughts and click the highlighted line below.

           Are you a SmartDonkey?                                      


Someday you may be lucky enough to retire. (Not likely in this economy!) But still, it's OK to dream. So, close your eyes for a second and picture yourself being invited to your retirement roast. Your colleagues, friends, and family are all there. AND, they've managed to entice 15 celebrities to come to the big event to fillet your hide. (Remember, it's your dream). But only five are able to share the stage? Which 5 will you choose? Follow the link below to make your decision.